Jababeka to Build 810 MW Power Plant in Kendal Industrial Park


KENDAL, presidentpost.com – Jababeka plans to build a gas-fired power plant with the capacity of 810 MW in the Kendal Industrial Park (KIK), Central Java.

The power plant will be used to supply the electricity to the companies operating in the KIK.

Director of Jababeka Djefri Cantono said this in front of the members of Commission D of the Central Java Legislative Council (DPRD) who were visiting the KIK on Tuesday (10/24).

According to Djefri, the ​​KIK is being develop on the land area of 2,700 hectares. Each hectare requires 300 KW electricity.

“So, the total electricity demand in KIK will be 810,000 KW,” said Djefri.

He further said that the power plant will be built on a 5 hectares of land area. The permits have been taken care of, including the environmental permit, planning and others. However, the construction will be done in the next two years.

“The construction will need 2 to 3 years to finish. The KIK will have its own power plant in the next 5 years,” he added.

Djefri said that the electricity tariff supplied the KIK will be more expensive than the tariff of state owned company PLN. However, he assured that the KIK’s electricity quality will be better and there will be no blackout.

“We cannot set the tariff yet. Still waiting for the rules from the governor,” he said.

Meanwhile chairman of Central Java DPRD Commission D, Alwin Basri, said the visit to the KIK was done to conduct a review on the electricity development.

Currently, he said, the Central Java Provincial Government is drafting a governor regulation related to the electricity tariff for the industry.

“The KIK is planning to build its own power plant. So, we need inputs,” Alwin said.

He added that the draft of the governor regulation on the electricity tariffs has already been submitted to the Commission D. Its members have been collecting some inputs from the industrial estates in the province.

“We want the regulation of the Central Java Governor later will not burden anybody, either the manager or the owner of the company,” he explained. (KPS/TPP)