Ende Offers Other Options for Group Holidays in Flores


ENDE, presidentpost.com – Hilly islands with grasses that change color over the seasons, as well as the beautiful gradients of the sea water, are most likely what some travelers expect when they come to Flores. In fact Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, has other charms to be enjoyed, one of them is Ende.

If you have got enough with the popular west coast, Ende can be a charming alternative when you have a vacation to Flores with the beloved ones. With various yet friendly ‘faces’, the land of a million smiles will not take long to capture your heart.

You are unfamiliar with Ende and have no idea where to go? Don’t worry; this area will spoil you with so many charming tourist destinations. You can learn some of the places first before deciding where to go. Here some places to consider when you visit Ende; they might give you unforgettable experiences.

Lake Kelimutu. Who does not know this lake? Already so popular, Lake Kelimutu is a mandatory spot while visiting Ende. Starting the trip to the lake in the early hours, so you can climb up to the top and enjoy the mysterious, magical three-colored lake waters. The famous beautiful panorama of sunrise here is a bonus.

Kampung Adat (Custom Kampong) Wolotopo. Located 14 kilometers from the center of Ende Town, Wolotopo is a megalithic customary village with a thick cultural presence. Here, you can walk around looking at custom homes and stone graves. The most fun is of course talking directly with the friendly locals. When visiting in the afternoon, you can even see the elegant of Sawu Bay and Table Mountain from the top of the hill.

Traditional market. Want to enjoy a more local feel? Then the traditional market in Ende could be an interesting option. Maybe it’s not as unique as the barter market of Lembata, but the life in this place still interesting enough to be enjoyed. You can see various commodities and maybe want to buy some.


Batu Biru Beach. Back to the unique landscapes of Nusa Tenggara, Batu Biru Beach is another interesting destination in Ende. As the name implies, you will find blue stones with a variety in sizes scattering on the beach. If you want to relax and enjoy the familiar sea scent with your loved ones, do not miss this one particular place.

Weaving Cloth Museum. Do not miss the chance to get to know the famous Ende weaving cloth, or you will regret it. Interestingly, here you can learn about the weaving patterns and the origin of each color, as well as the meaning of each motif in the woven fabrics. (BTG/TPP)