Senior Living D’Khayangan Introduces Paida & Lajin Self-Healing Method


BEKASI, – Senior Living D’Khayangan held a seminar about Paida & Lajin Self-Healing on Saturday (7/10) at the Care Center of Senior Living D’Khayangan, Cikarang, Bekasi. The seminar presented dr. Sally Halim and Philip as the speakers as well as trainers.

They demonstrated how to restore health using the Paida & Lajin method. The seminar attendees, mostly seniors, learned the Paida & Lajin method by patting the elbow area.

President Director of Senior Living D’Khayangan Marlin Marpaung said, “One of our visions is to create a healthy lifestyle atmosphere. We continue to explore how exactly the healthy living therapies or methods can be applied sustainably.”

He added that he wanted Senior Living D’Khayangan to provide the therapy regularly.

“From the responses of the participants and also the masters (Pak Philip and Mrs. Sally), we are thinking to make D’Khayangan as the home base for Paida & Lajin in Indonesia and hold a regular event. So those who want to continuously practicing the self-healing method can participate in the event held at the D’khayangan or just interact with the therapists and have a gathering with other participants,” Marlin said.

It was the first time the Paida & Lajin self-healing therapy held in the Senior Living D’Khayangan. Previously, the Senior Living D’Khayangan once organized the Tai Chi self-healing therapy event.

“There were also some self-healing therapies based on a healthy lifestyle through food held here before, but for Paida & Lajin this is the first time,” he added.

Marlin said, “In the future we will continue to hold events that lead to a healthy lifestyle that is promotive and preventive for good health, either self-healing or other method that can be applied by the society.”

Paida & Lajin is a therapy that involves ‘pats and stretches’ to remove toxins from the body. In the beginning, this practice was taught by a Taoist monk who cured diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Senior Living D’Khayangan is an exclusive integrated residence for the elderly who put forward the concept of service customized to the specific needs of individuals. Not like other nursing homes which usually provide the same service for everyone, the Senior Living D’Khayangan fulfills the personal needs of each individual from trivial to serious things like favorite food and nutritional need, eating hours, waking hours, sleeping hours, hobbies, as well as the need for regular vitamins and medicines. (TPP)