Tourism Video “The Journey of a Wonderful World” Wins World Champion, Tourism Minister: Prideful!


CHENGDU, – Glorious! Fantastic! Awesome! Wonderful Indonesia tourism video: The Journey of a Wonderful World is the world champion! Two categories were snapped in the world tourism video competition held by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya received the award at the 22nd UNWTO General Assembly at the Intercontinental Century City Convention Center Hotel, Chengdu, China. The eyes of the Banyuwangi origin man were teary when he was called for the second time.

At the stage the minister was speechless for a long time, then “Prideful!”, he said shortly while holding the flag of Red and White. The delegates from UNWTO member countries congratulated him afterward.

But what really made him moved was first, Indonesia won two categories namely UNWTO Video Competition 2017 East Asia and Pacific Region category and People’s Choice Award 2017. Second, this is the first time in the history of the UNWTO tourism video competition, a country won two awards at once and it’s Indonesia.

Beating 63 participating countries is certainly something to proud of. “It’s a surprise for us! We did not expect it,” said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya in a press release received by on Friday (9/15).

The competitors in East Asia and the Pacific are good. The 30-second videos of New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, and Japan published in the social media are good. “Our video passed the world standard of the UNWTO judges,” said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya.

Third, winning the People’s Choice category means the world communities e-voted for Indonesia! “Thanks to Mr. President Jokowi who invited people to vote through his Facebook account. Thanks also to the people around the world who have chosen the Indonesian video to be the champion!” said the minister.

President Jokowi’s invitation was responded well. It was proven by jumping number of voters to almost 50 thousand voters within 2 x 24 hours since the president posted his invitation on Facebook. “Moving forward together surely we win!” Tourism Minister Arief said quoting the lyrics of the song Maju Tak Gentar by Cornel Simanjuntak.

He often used the magic words to instill the spirit of unity in the Indonesia Incorporated. Admittedly, the Indonesian video is very good. The tourist destinations in the video are Jakarta, Wakatobi, Raja Ampat, North Sumatra, Lombok, Makassar, and Banyuwangi. The soundtrack is also world class, What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.

So good that after being played twice for the second award audience still praised it, even with the biggest round of applause. It’s an indicator that the video is indeed in high quality. Minister Arief called the victory as a strong branding.

He said the victory meant 3C. “Internally raise the Confidence level. Strongly strengthen the Credibility. And has passed the Calibration of global standard or world class criteria.” Congratulation!

Complete Results:

Winner of Voting Results: Indonesia

(People’s Choice Award)

Best Regional video winner:

  1. Winner of the UNWTO Tourism Video Competition for Africa – Tunisia.
  2. Winner of the UNWTO Tourism Video Competition for Americas – Chile.
  3. Winner of the UNWTO Tourism Video Competition for East Asia and the Pacific – Indonesia.
  4. Winner of the UNWTO Tourism Video Competition for Europe – Switzerland.
  5. Winner of the UNWTO Tourism Video Competition for the Middle East – Egypt.
  6. Winner of the UNWTO Tourism Video Competition for South Asia – Bhutan.