Pertamina Wins 7 Titles at BUMN Awards 2017


JAKARTA, – Pertamina has grabbed 7 awards at the BUMN Awards 2017. Taking place at Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta on Friday (9/15), the 6th BUMN Awards 2017 was held with the theme of “Improving the Value of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) for the Country”.

Unlike the previous events, this time the awards were given not only to the parent companies but to the subsidiaries as well.

Some of the awards won by PT Pertamina Persero are the First Best SOE (BUMN) in the category of Best Corporate Governance (GCG) and Pertamina’s President Director Massa Manik won the title of the First Best CEO of SOE for the Visionary category.

Pertamina’s subsidiaries also won several awards. Among them are the category of First Best Human Resources Development achieved by PT Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia (PDSI), the category of First Best Transformation won by PDSI, the category of the First Best Strategy Development grabbed by PT Pertamina Lubricants, the category of First Best Financial Performance won by PT Pertamina Lubricants and the best CEO of SOE’s subsidiary for Strategic category grabbed by Pertamina Lubricants’ President Director Affandi.

“Pertamina is the biggest SOE, it’s true, but we must compare this company in its habitat as an energy company that is exposed to High Risk, High Capital Intensive, High Technology. We should not compare it with other SOEs whose line of business is different. We must pay attention to these 3 things with a new execution,” said Massa Manik after receiving the award.

The awards achieved by the subsidiaries were also appreciated by Massa. He urged the state-owned company and its subsidiaries to keep the same vision. He also called on them to always do the benchmark. “That’s why we make 8 criteria that we will evaluate each year in a bid to move toward world-class standards,” Massa added.

To achieve the best award in each category, the participating SOEs went through the selection stages of Questionnaire Filling, Questionnaire Review and Questionnaire In-depth Interview by the judges.

The judges of the BUMN Awards 2017 were led by Tanri Abeng with the members of Muhammad Said Didu, Toto Pranoto, Enny Srihartati, Andi Ilham Said, Bramantyo Djohanputro, Astera Primanto Bhakti, Mas Achmad Daniri, Tulus Abadi, Lenita Tobing, Abdulgani, and SH Sutarto. (TPP)