Brand Jababeka Residence Increasingly Elegant, Prepares Residential for Upper Class


TANGERANG, – There is something different when the Jababeka Residence opened its booth at the Indonesia Future City & REI Mega Expo 2017. The Jababeka Residence appeared with a new logo and a new tagline of ‘A City for Your World’. This is the first time the new logo and tagline introduced in the event that was officially commenced on September 14, 2017 by Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo.

President Director of Jababeka Residence Sutedja S Darmono said that his company is targeting the upper-class market. The new logo and tagline, according to him, shows the change in concept, services, and products to the target of upper class.

One example is the Jababeka Residence’s latest project of a golf apartment, he added. The golf apartment will be named ‘Jababeka Signature Golf Apartment’ and is an upscale apartment with golf concept on a total area of 3.7 hectares.

“On October 21, we will hold an event to pick the apartment units of which marks the start of the marketing. We will create a big event as a surprise for our market and customers,” said Sutedja, who added that the golf apartment is located beside a golf course with 250 units.

According to Sutedja, this upscale market is targeting the expatriates, especially from Japan. Although the main target is the Japanese, other expatriates from China, Taiwan, Korea, America and Europe will also be targeted, since the Japanese standard to be adopted in the apartment has been recognized internationally.

The facilities in Jababeka will also be the most comprehensive in Indonesia.

“Later Kota Jababeka will become the township with the most complete facilities in Indonesia, with the most complete modes of transportation and infrastructure in Indonesia. Later there will be MRT, LRT, high speed train, and elevated toll road. Transportation modes and access points will be the most complete,” he added.

Besides complete in access points, including the Kertajati Airport and Patimban Port, Jababeka Residence is the most complete in shopping centers in Indonesia. There will be the mixed-use block and Plaza Indonesia and Japanese malls among others.

The middle and upper classes are increasing every year. This is in line with improving economic and political stability. The prospect of property sales for 2018 is believed to be getting better, especially in Cikarang.

“I see in eastern Jakarta the prospect of property sales is quite good. Better than in the west, south and north of Jakarta. During 2017 this market response is very good and I am optimistic it will continue in 2018. For the apartment market, if other areas are targeting the middle class, we aim other market, meaning we will complement each other. We are building a city here with a huge market from lower, middle and upper classes,” said Sutedja. (TPP)