President Director and Subsidiary of RNI Won BUMN Awards 2017


JAKARTA, – PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (Persero) won two awards at the BUMN Awards 2017 night, held on Friday (9/15) at the Ritz Carlton in Kuningan, Jakarta. The first award was won by RNI’s subsidiary PT Mitra Kerinci as the Third Best State-Owned Enterprises (SOE/BUMN) for the category of Best Transformation. The second award was obtained by President Director of PT RNI B. Didik Prasetyo as the Third Best CEO of SOE in the category of Developing Talent.

Didik Prasetyo himself went up to the stage to receive the award of Third Best CEO of SOE in the category of Developing Talent presented by Said Didu, a national figure who has involved in the state-owned enterprises world for so long, who also was a judge of the BUMN Awards 2017. Meanwhile, the award of Third Best SOE’s Subsidiary in the Best Transformation category was received by Director of PT Mutra Kerinci, Yosdian Adi.

The annual event was conducted through a rigorous selection involving PPM Management. The 103 SOEs and Subsidiaries listed as the participating companies must go through several stages of selection, starting from filling in the questionnaires, submitting supporting documents, verifying documents, to the last stage of interviews and presentations by the Boards of Directors.

With the theme of “Improving the Value of SOEs for the Country” this event aims to appreciate the contribution of SOEs by demonstrating their capability in competing at the national and global level. In this year’s 6th BUMN Awards event, the organizer of the SOE Magazine Track, supported by PPM Management, also involved the SOEs’ subsidiaries as the participants.

Attending the event were Director of Business Development and Investment of RNI Agung P. Murdanoto, Director of Business Control and Risk Management of RNI Elka Wahyudi, and the members of the Board of Directors of RNI Group’s subsidiaries. Some national figures were also seen attending the event such as Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi and Tanri Abeng. (RNI/TPP)