Christy Wowiling: Experience The Parliamentary World Through Internship


JAKARTA, – Many undergraduate students have been aware of the important role of internship programme in building working skills to prepare themselves in entering real working life. There are so many options, which they can choose in getting their own internship related to their major.

Multinational Companies, Government Institutions, and Non-Governmental Organizations are one of the most desired internship places for students, as both offer internship experience and prestige.

Christy Livie Riessa Wowiling, one of the International Relations students batch 2014 at President University is one of the few students who have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience in one of the prestigious governmental institutions, The People’s Consultative Assembly (Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat). She started her internship there since May 19, 2017.

It was started from her curiosity on the Indonesian parliament, she thought that it is also important to learn more about Indonesia, its ideology, Pancasila, and the constitutions instead of only focusing on foreign countries. To prepare entering the institution, she has done a mini research on the legislation and the structure of the parliament.

“Working here as an intern, it was unexpectedly enjoyable, knowledgeable, and interesting. I was placed in the division that concerns about foreign affairs, specifically in the “Ahli Bahasa & Delegasi” which is good for me, because it is relevant with my major”, said Christy.

Christy experienced plenary session, which is the biggest agenda in Indonesian parliament. She had an opportunity to meet the high level management such as the President and Vice President, as well as its minister, House of Representatives members, and leader of parties. Moreover, she has been involved to propose a hearty welcome and join the discussion/courtesy call with another foreign departments, two of them is the Russian politician namely Ilyas Umakhanov as Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council, and recently with the Vietnam Communist Party.

Being asked about the values and skills she got through this internship, Christy believes small things are significantly matter, and it makes a big different when it fail to be valued.

“When I recall this moment, there were many small things that I never know before, and this parliament taught me so much about that. On the first entrance, I have been given tasks that I feel easy to do and just didn’t meet my expectations. But, I was totally wrong. Another one regarding my study, I can tell that I flourished myself, the way I am thinking, drive into new perspective in the world of politics, social, and culture of Indonesia”, explain Christy.

Through the internship, she has deeper understanding that the Republic of Indonesia is a very diverse country, which has many islands, tribes or ethnic groups, languages, religions, etc. It is something that Indonesians need to value and respect, and uphold the national motto “Unity In Diversity”.

“At the time, it was really hectic, exhausted and challenging. But, it is worth the struggle”, stated Christy. (PU/TPP)