Progress of 23 Presidential Strategic Projects on Railway


JAKARTA, – There are 23 railway projects under the National Strategic Projects (SNP) outlined by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in the Presidential Decree No. 58 of 2017. A total of 15 out of the projects are the construction of infrastructure and facilities for inter-city railways, while the other 8 projects are for urban trains.

Based on funding source, 15 projects are financed by the State Budget (APBN), 5 projects are carried out under the scheme of cooperation between the government and business entities (KPBU), and the other 3 projects are pure investments.

“Under the Decree, the 23 railway projects are PSN,” said Infrastructures Director of Directorate General of Railways at the Transportation Ministry, Zulfikri, in a press conference about the National Strategic Projects at the Transportation Ministry, Central Jakarta, on Monday (9/4).

Based on the nearest operating time, the Prabumulih – Kertapati double track train project in South Sumatra with the length of 85 kilometers will operate this year. The train will transport coal and passengers from Prabumulih to Kertapati and vice versa.

“The one to be fully operational in 2017 is the 85 km Prabumulih – Kertapati double track. It has been operated partially from Simpang. The travel time is estimated to be 40 minutes,” said Zulfikri.

The railway projects estimated to be operational in 2018 will be 7, among others are the 44 km Makassar – Parepare phase I (Barru – Palanro) railway in South Sulawesi, the Bandar Tinggi – Kuala Tanjung railway in North Sumatra with the length of 21.5 km, MRT stage I Lebak Bulus – HI Roundabout at 15.7 km long, and the 5.8 km LRT DKI Jakarta Kelapa Gading – Velodrome.

The railway to Soekarno Hatta Airport is also targeted to operate next year with the trial to be conducted this year. The 23 km LRT South Sumatra will operate next year, followed by the 13.5 km railway to Adi Soemarmo Airport Solo.

“The LRT Kelapa Gading-Velodrome is for the Asean Games,” said Zulfikri.

Then, in 2019 there are 3 railway projects to be completed, including the double track of South Java railway consisting of 5 projects with a total length of 297 km, the 33 km Rantauprapat – Kota Pinang railway project in North Sumatra, and the 43.3 km LRT Jabodebek.

Meanwhile, there are 7 national strategic railway projects still in the preparation stage of planning, whether in the form of feasibility studies or designing:

  1. The Jambi – Pekanbaru railway is in the stage of Detail Engineering Design (DED)
  2. The Jambi – Palembang railway is in the stage Detail Engineering Design (DED)
  3. The Kertapati – Simpang – Tanjung Api-api railway is in the stage of Detail Engineering Design (DED)
  4. The Kulon Progo Airport railway is in the stage of Basic Engineering Design (BED)
  5. Revitalization of Jakarta – Surabaya railway is in the feasibility study stage
  6. The East-West MRT is in the stage of Basic Engineering Design (BED) and the feasibility study is expected to be completed in 2018
  7. The Jabodetabek Circular Line is in the Detail Engineering Design stage (DED)

Meanwhile the 5 railway projects using the scheme of cooperation between the government and business entities (KPBU) are:

  1. The Puruk Cahu – Bangkuang railway
  2. The development of railway in East Kalimantan Province
  3. The Muara Enim – Baai Island railway
  4. The Tanjung Enim – Tanjung Api-api railway
  5. The LRT DKI Jakarta Kelapa Gading – Velodrome

The 3 projects funded by investments are the Jakarta-Bandung high speed train project by PT KCIC, the Soekarno Hatta Airport railway and the Jabodebek LRT by PT KAI (Persero). (IFP/TPP)