Transportation Ministry: Silangit and Morotai Airports to Get International Status


JAKARTA, – Silangit and Morotai Airports to Get International Status. The government is making efforts to pursue the target of 20 million foreign tourists visiting Indonesia per year. One way is by increasing the number of international airports that serve the flights from and to other countries.

Director General of Air Transport of the Transportation Ministry Agus Santoso said to support the government’s target, his directorate plans to add the International Airports. There are at least two airports that will be transformed to get the international status.

“There are several airports to be improved to become international airports,” he said at the Transportation Ministry Office, Jakarta, on Thursday (9/7).

The airports he meant are Silangit Airport in North Sumatra and Morotai Airport in Maluku. Both airports were chosen for their potentials in bringing in foreign tourists to the nearby destinations which are considered very big.

“Silangit will be improved to become an International Airport. Besides Silangit, there is also Morotai,” he said.

However, Agus added he would study them first. This is needed to prevent the international status from becoming a boomerang.

Based on data from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, there are currently 28 airports in Indonesia with the international status. However, in fact not all the international airports serve the flights to and from overseas.

“We do not want incident like the Belitung Airport to be repeated. Its international status was issued 10 months ago, but until now there is no single flight from and to abroad,” said Agus.

Therefore, Agus gives one month time to the two airports to get an international flight, either by the domestic or foreign aviation company.

“We give a deadline, within a month there must be at least one flight to and from abroad,” said Agus.(TPP)