50 Years of Indonesia-Singapore, Javanese Dance and Singlish


SINGAPORE, presidentpost.com – President Jokowi met with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in the framework of 50th anniversary of Indonesia’s cooperation with Singapore at the Marina Bay Cruise Center, Singapore, on Thursday (9/7).

In the occasion entitled ‘Singapore-Indonesia Investment Forum’, the guests were served with a Javanese dance before President Jokowi delivered his speech. This is unusual, because people would expect to see something typical Singapore as the host country.

Jababeka Chairman S.D Darmono, who attended the event, uploaded the video of the occasion in which Tourism Minister Arief Yahya is seen at present and attentively watching the Javanese dance.

In the video it is also seen President Jokowi while delivering his speech. President Jokowi said in 50 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Singapore, there are many things that can be admired by each other.

“One thing Indonesian people admire is the innovation of Singlish (Singapore-English). There is the word schooling which means education. But now schooling means a gold medal winner in the swimming number of Olympics (referring to Singaporean athlete Joseph Schooling),” said the president who was applauded by the guests.

Earlier President Jokowi and Prime Minister Lee also witnessed the Joint Fly-Past between the TNI (Indonesian Military) and the Singapore Air Force, where they demonstrated ’50’ formation with the F16 fighters.

According to Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi on Wednesday night, in the President Jokowi’s state visit this time there are at least four issues to be discussed, namely investment, tourism, energy, and digital economy. In the investment, Singapore is the largest partner and during the discussion they will also discuss the investment in Kendal Industrial Park (KIK) agreed previously during the leaders retreat in 2016 in Kendal.

“We see the development in KIK is quite good. Last year the number of companies in the KIK is 25, then now becomes 30 plus 41 more who have lined up to join in the KIK,” she said.

In accordance with the direction of President Jokowi, in the KIK has also been done the vocational schooling or bringing the education to the industry as a good combination. (TPP)