Kendal Regent Urges Entrepreneurs to Improve Selling Point of Local Products


KENDAL, – Kendal Regent dr. Mirna Annisa, M.Si on the sidelines of a 3-day Regional Superior Product Festival (July 21-23) in Kendal Town Square said on Friday (21/7) that the government should be able to encourage and promote the regional superior products to help people earn more properly.

According to her, the Kendal Regency Government has been trying to promote many products of typical Kendal, such as through the tourist festival in Rawa Kali Blandon. “This year we are looking for many other locations to hold the similar activities to raise the awareness of Kendal typical products so that other regions can enjoy them or even for exports,” said Regent Mirna.

Meanwhile, Head of Industry, Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises Department, Setiyono, SH said that what exhibited and presented to the visitors this time are the original products of Kendal Regency with high competitiveness and even some have been exported such as the stevia leaf tea which has been exported to Japan.

The purpose of the festival, Setiyono said, was to increase the competitiveness of products made in Kendal Regency. The festival will be held annually and expanded as well.

He added that there are quite a lot of original products of Kendal Regency favored by buyers especially Kendal batik and traditional snacks and drinks not found in other regions.

The participants of the festival were the representatives of MSMEs in 20 sub-districts, the MSME Kendal forum, the MSME Kendal community and home industry in Kendal Regency. The products on display were food, drink, and handicrafts.

The festival is open to public from 8 am to 8 pm with various supporting activities such as snack bazaar, competition on foods and handicrafts and the process of making batik. (KENDALKAB/TPP)