Facebook Also Wants to Build Township


JAKARTA, thepresidentpost.com – As a provider of social media, Facebook has successfully established an online community with 2 billion followers worldwide. Now the company mastered and founded by Mark Zuckerberg turns to the real world.

Facebook plans to build a township covering housing, offices, shops, and hotels. And this is not just an empty talk because it has been summarized into a big project.

Recently the project was disclosed that Facebook is set to develop an area in the Menlo Park, California, United States, adjacent to its headquarters. The 56 hectares of land area have been purchased since 2015 ago at US$400 million.

In this area, 1,500 units of houses will be constructed. Anyone can own the houses, not just the Facebook employees, with the 15% of the products will be sold cheaper than the market price.

“We are also planning to build a new retail area of 125,000 square feet, including the grocery stores, pharmacies, and other community retailers,” Facebook was quoted as saying on Sunday (7/9).

According to a source has been helping build this project, it would take a decade to change the empty land to become alive.

Indeed, the development of this urban area will be done gradually. The initial phase, housing and supporting shops, is planned to be completed by 2021. And it will continue.

The Silicon Valley is known to experience housing problems because of the very expensive price due to the high number of technology companies are concentrated there. Not only the local residents, even high-paid employees sometimes have to think twice before buying a property there. (DTK/TPP)