Island Hopping to the Beautiful and Historical Island of Morotai

Foto: Doc. The President Post

MOROTAI, – Marine tourism is the most sought tour by foreign tourists visiting Indonesia, especially to the eastern part of North Maluku. If you are going to North Maluku, take time to visit Morotai Regency which will amaze you with its exotic scenery of marine tourism.

Morotai is one of the hidden paradise for divers. A total of 28 diving spots with beautiful coral clusters can be found here.

Foto: Doc. The President Post

The western part of the regency that has been inaugurated by President Jokowi as the Special Economic Zone, Dodola Island to be exact, is an island you should not miss when you visit Morotai.

Dodola Island presents the beauty of various species of fish, especially the Black Tip shark. Do not worry, these sharks do not attack humans. And if you are lucky enough, you will also meet orca, manta, and dolphins.

Foto: Doc. The President Post

In addition to the diving spots to enjoy, in Morotai you can also try Island Hopping tour.

The Island Hopping tour includes the island of Mitita with its white sand, Kokoya Island, the island with a tourist village called Kolorai, and the island of Dodola.

Besides being the most visited spot when visiting tourist destinations in Morotai, Dodola Island also has the phenomenon of ‘splitting sea’.

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When the sea water is receding, it will appear the sandy land that divides the sea into two sides with the boundaries like coastal lines. This sandy land divides the Dodola Kecil Island and Dodola Besar Island. So, the ‘splitting sea’ is a condition where the sea water level between the two islands subsiding, making it looks like a split.

Do not stop there, you can find ship and warplane wrecks on the seabed. They sank under the sea during World War II in the Dutch colonial period.

Foto: Doc. The President Post

The plane is allegedly a type of Australian-made Bristol Beuford which sank at a depth of 40 meters.

In Wawama and Totodaku there are plane and jeeps used to belong to allied forces, while in Mitita there is a shipwreck, whereas in Buho buho and near Dodola there are fighter aircrafts.

So, do not forget to include Morotai in your holiday destination list. (FAKHRI/TPP)