Mongolian Culture Center Officially Opened at KEK Tanjung Lesung


PT Banten West Java (BWJ), the managing company of the KEK (special economic zone) Tanjung Lesung, inaugurated the Mongolian Culture Center (MCC) together with the Mongolian Embassy for Indonesia on Sunday (4/23). The construction of MCC was started last year by the BWJ and the Mongolian Embassy.

MCC was built on one hectare of land area, directly supervised by an architect from Mongolia. In order to maintain the quality and authenticity of Mongolian culture, the design of MCC was done by the Mongolian Ambassador to Indonesia. Most materials were directly shipped from Mongolia.

The Mongolian tent, Ger, was imported directly from the country of origin. At MCC, the visitors will be able to enjoy and learn about Mongolian unique culture. Horse riding, archery, Mongolian wrestling, and do not miss the typical Mongolian culinary prepared for the visitors.

SD Darmono, who is the envoy of Mongolian Culture as well as the Chairman of the Jababeka Group, initiated this cultural center after his visit to Mongolia and his meeting with the Mongolian Ambassador to Indonesia, Mdm. Shagdar Battsetseg.

“When I visited Mongolia, I live there for a while, experiencing their unique culture. Then there was an idea to create a Little Mongolia in Indonesia. And this is the result,” explained SD Darmono.

“We are confident the Mongolian Culture Center will be a new charm in the KEK Tanjung Lesung. So the visitors will not only enjoy the natural beauty and local wisdoms of Banten culture,” he added.

Meantime Mdm. Shagdar Battsetseg said similar things. “Mongolia is a country full of history and very well known in the international world, therefore may the Mongolian Culture Center bring in tourists from Mongolia, as well as from other countries,” she said.

The MCC in the KEK Tanjung Lesung is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and is expected to pave good relationships with the visitors as well as the investors.