Menpar to Lure Taiwan Tourists to Visit Morotai


Indonesia’s Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said that he will try to lure the tourists from Taiwan to visit the Morotai Island, North Maluku.

“Morotai is very suitable for them to have holiday. It only takes about three hours to get there. In addition there is also an element of history,” said Minister Arief at the workshop of “Taiwan Tourism 2017” in Jakarta on Wednesday (3/22) night.

He said for Taiwanese, Morotai Island would bring memory of the World War II, when many Taiwanese citizens were sent to Morotai to fight against the Allied Forces.

“The appeal of this history is what we are trying to highlight to them, in addition to the beautiful scenery and comfortable place with friendly local community,” said Arief.

According to him, Morotai Island has three economic potentials that would encourage the development of this tourist destination.

Besides tourism, the Morotai Island has big potentials in developing fishery and industry, said Arief.

However he admitted that the infrastructure and transportation in Morotai Island are still minimal, while the airport is considered to have inadequate runway.

“The runway is only for small airplanes, while the flights from Taiwan will use large-bodied aircrafts. This is what we will try to fix starting next year,” said Arief.