Minister Arief Yahya: We Have 10 Leading Destination To Be Enlivened and We Will Build 25 Strategic Tourism Area


Arief Yahya – Indonesia is known as a country that has so many attractions. Not only nature, heritage objects are also very widely spread throughout the country. Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya expressed it to the Italian Minister of Heritage and Activities Culture and Tourism, Federica Guidi, Monday (11/09/2015).  There is the possibility of Italy to invest in tourism in Indonesia.

“We are very open. We have 10 leading destinations to be enlivened by a new investor, in addition to 3 greater Bali-Jakarta-Batam. We also had 25 areas that will be built as a strategic area of tourism and tourism special economic zones,” said Arief.

The ten leading destinations are Tanjung Lesung at Banten, Lake Toba at North Sumatra, Tanjung Kelayang at Belitung, Pulau Seribu at Jakarta, Boborudur, Bromo, Mandalika, Morotai, Wakatobi, and Labuan Bajo Komodo.

In various forums outside and within the country, Arief always promote ten locations to investors. The Ministry of Tourism also acts as a hook to catch fish.

Arief aware, tourism is not simply increase the volume of tourists visit from Italy, but also have to market the tourism-based business investment in the country. Among them are hotels, resorts and cruises.

Memorandum of Understanding signed by Arief and Guidi, is very strategic. “There are five points in the MoU between Indonesia and Italy. We will immediately follow up on the technical level,” said Arief.(qoi)