Various Banyuwangi Potentials Promoted by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Banyuwangi – Economic progress Banyuwangi, East Java, attracting the attention from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu). Director of the School of Foreign Service Staff (Sesdilu) Kemenlu Nana Yuliana said Banyuwangi potential range will be promoted to many countries.

“To develop economic diplomacy, we need a lot of input from various regions in Indonesia, which has the potential to be promoted. That’s why we came to Banyuwangi in order to gain knowledge about the various advances this area,” said Nana Yuliana when meeting regent Abdullah Azwar Anas in Banyuwangi, Tuesday (10/20/2015).

Kemenlu RI sends six diplomats who are following intermediate education to look beyond the various achievements of the district on the eastern tip of Java Island. He considered Banyuwangi is one of the regions with rapid economic progress.

She said Kemenlu is currently prioritizing economic diplomacy in building relationships with the international community. Kemenlu on this diplomacy was focused on three areas, namely tourism, trade and investment.

He argues that the potential of Banyuwangi themselves diverse. For example, to tourism, seed purposes such as Red Island, Mount Ijen, and a variety of activities from Banyuwangi Festival becomes an item of interest to be appointed. For the trade sector for instance variety of excellent products from local SMEs.

“Later after getting insights about the potential of the region, our diplomats, who come to Banyuwangi today, will help promote this potential in the countries where they will be placed. Both attract tourists to visit here and promote investment in Banyuwangi. Through this economic diplomacy, we try to contribute to the local economy,” said Nana.

A total of six diplomats who came to Banyuwangi, said Nana, are a participants in the School of Foreign Service Staff (Sesdilu) Kemenlu batch 55.

In this program there are 29 participants who underwent education distributed to six regions in between Banyuwangi, Solo, Malang, and Wakatobi. The diplomats who came to Banyuwangi has previously served in various countries, such as Switzerland, Egypt, the United States and the Netherlands.

“After this training they will be re-assigned to neighboring countries to carry out diplomatic work,” said Nana.

Meanwhile regent Abdullah Azwar Anas said he was pleased with the Sesdilu Kemenlu participants visit to explore the potential in Banyuwangi. Moreover, Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also participate in promoting Banyuwangi potential in many countries.

“This will help the promotion of Banyuwangi and we hope will increase the number of tourists visiting here,” said Anas.(qoi)