Karanganyar Government Proposes 7 November to Become National Wayang Day



ThePresidentPost.com – Karanganyar Regency Government proposes 7 November became the National Wayang Day. The proposal was submitted to the President Jokowi by Regent Juliyatmono, and has been discussed at the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The plan, to celebrate the declaration of the national wayang day, Karanganyar government will hold wayangan (Indonesian traditional puppet show) for 24 hours in Alun-alun Karanganyar and Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Surakarta, one of which is filled by the puppeteer Ki Manteb Soedharsono.

” We chose the 7th of November, because the date coincided with the inauguration of Indonesian wayang as Master Piece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity from Unesco. Wayang become the world intangible cultural heritage,” said Juliyatmono on Wednesday (10/19/2015).

Indonesian government currently considered less attention to wayang as a world heritage and Indonesian traditional culture.

”Now people are increasingly rarely hold wayangan, because of its high costs. People are much more pleased to hold organ tunggal, campursari ringkes, and others. This is alarming, because someday wayang really going extinct,” he said.

The government must provide legal protection, development, and preservation of traditional culture, in particular for the preservation of wayang. With the establishment of the National Wayang Day, is expected the government can give the budget to the area to hold a wayangan, so the wayang remain stable in the community.

In addition, continued efforts must be made to incorporate wayang into the school curriculum, introduced the wayang to students, and also to the younger generation. The way it is perceived to be effective if there is support from the government through various channels.(qoi)