Belitung Island Will Become “Maldives” in Indonesia


Belitung – Tourism Minister Arief Yahya want Belitung Island tourism can develop as the Maldives, which became a famous tourism destination for its beautiful beaches, blue lagoons and underwater scenery.

“My dream is, I want Belitung to be like Maldives. Maldives tourism is great, similar to Belitung. Belitung will become Maldives in Indonesia,” he said in Belitung on Wednesday (10/14/2015).

He said Maldives with a population of 300 thousand people every year visited by a million tourists and earn up to Rp30 trillion.

While Belitung with a population of 200 thousand people, Budget Area of Rp1 trillion and only 1 billion coming from local revenue.

Maldives income from tourism, according to Arief, 300 times from Belitung local revenue.

He hopes in the future Belitung should try to attract tourists with an estimated one million tourists each spent US$2,000 so as to have potential revenues of two billion dollars.

“That way, per capita income Belitung people can be 10 thousand dollars. I wish a per capita income will be twice from other Indonesian people,” said Arief.

He hopes that within the next four years Belitung to attract at least 100 thousand tourists.

“Or we imagine the first 100 thousand people to Belitung with a minimum expenditure of US$1,000, it was 100 million dollars, do not need to wait for 2085, hopefully in 2019 is quite achievable,” said Minister of Tourism.

He asked Belitung people to work hard and actively involved in developing tourism to reach this target and preserve the environment into regional tourist charm.

“Preserve all, do not destroyed. Tourism has a slogan, the more conserved more welfare,” he said.

The central government promised to overcome obstacles such as the lack of infrastructure for tourism development.(qoi)