Honda Launches Sport Hybrid Tech Cars



Honda has just launched the All New Honda Legend in Tokyo , Japan , Monday ( 11/10/2014 ). This car is equipped with the latest technology Sport Hybrid SH – AWD and Honda Sensing.

The Fifth Generation of All New Honda Legend will be officially introduce in Japan, at mid January 2015. The  Sport Hybrid SH – AWD Technology in the All New Honda Legend offers comfort in driving and reliable engine performance but still environmentally friendly. This technology combines three motion electric motor system is in it, with gasoline engine, Single Front Motor and Twin Rear Motor. Hybrid system found on the motor motion system can automatically merge option Front – Wheel Drive, Rear – Wheel Drive and All- Wheel Drive with EV Drive, Hybrid Drive, and Engine Drive to respond to the desire of the driver and the driving conditions, and ensure performance optimal but efficient. Twin Rear Motors generate power for driving and deceleration at the rear wheels in a variety of conditions using technology Revolutionary ratio Torque Converting.

Sporty Hybrid SH – AWD Technology petrol engine coupled to the Honda i-VTEC 3.5 L V6 berinjeksi line capable of producing maximum power of 382 PS ( 281 kW ). All New Honda Legend using a 7 – speed DCT ( Dual Clutch Transmission ) which is integrated with the motion of electric motors. While TMU ( Twin Motor Unit ) which uses Lithium – Ion Battery placed at the rear of the vehicle. New features on the All New Honda Legend is Honda Sensing, which is a system that consists of two types of sensors with different characteristics.

The first sensor is Millimeter – Wave Radar Front Grill contained in the car, while the second form of Monocular sensor camera mounted on the inside of the windscreen. There are two major components in the Honda Sensing technology, which Millimeter – Wave Radar can expand the scope of detection on the car which includes pedestrians. This object is considered difficult to detect due to the low detection rate by it Radio Wave Reflection, and also the speed of the object.

The Monocular Camera identifying attributes as well as the size of pedestrians and other objects within the range of the target detection distance of approximately 60 meters in front of the vehicle. All New Honda Legend is also equipped with Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) and Pedestrian Collision Mitigation Steering System – the world’s first safety feature that helps the driver to avoid accidents with pedestrians. Other safety features are VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) and AHA (Agile Handling Assist) which serves to control the braking in order to remind the car handling.