China Targets To Invest In Indonesia’s Shipbuilding Industry



China plans to invest in the shipping industry in Indonesia. The reason they invest because Indonesia is the third investment destination in ASEAN.

Deputy Minister of Industry, Alex Retraubun, said that the Chinese vice Minister of Trade, Gao Yan, came to make a feasibility study regarding the number and location of investment. However, Alex was not sure when it will begin for the Chinese investors to invest and how much investment will be embedded. Therefore, at this initial meeting, they just do an assessment.

Alex also said that investment in the shipbuilding industry is very strategic. Therefore, Indonesia as an archipelagic country needs a sea connectivity. The condition is great potential for industrial ships. In addition to the ship industry, the Chinese representatives also expressed a desire to invest in the industrial area to a smelter ( processing industry ) minerals.

He hoped that the investment will come more in the shipping sector . Thus , could have contributed to the growth of industry and ship.