Deli Serdang Regent Gave Aids To Tornado Victims in Namorambe



Regent Deli Serdang , H Ashari Tambunan , visited 32 families of four villages in Namorambe district affected by tornado accompanied by heavy rains resulted in ravaged homes in Namorambe area .

10 units of  house conditions in Sudirejo village are heavily damaged, four houses were damaged and 14 houses were lightly damaged, in the village of Ujung labuhanone house was damaged, in the village of Jaba two homes were damaged , and one Namombelin village were heavily damaged .

Ashari H Tambunan expressed his concern over the disastrous tornado that hit residents in Namorambe. We must remain patient and pray while tawaqal be able to restore power to the state , and hope with this tragedy gives wisdom leads to a better life ahead, he said.

The residents are expected to helping others and work together repairing damaged homes , so that all citizens can immediately return to their homes and move back .