SMEs in West Java Should Learn from Japan



West Java has a lot of  SMEs and characteristic in it that makes West Java has a great potential in the business of micro, small , and medium enterprises (SMEs ).

To develop the potential, West Java’s SMEs must learn to Japan because they have professional business management system, so that they can achieve a turnover and assets with a value of trillions of rupiahs.This was said by Head of Department of Cooperatives and SMEs in West Java, Anton Gustoni .

These conditions are known when Anton was visiting Cooperative Zeno in Japan, recently. During the visit, Cooperative Zeno is known to be able to achieve a turnover of Rp9 trillion .

Anton explained, the advantages of cooperatives in Japan is because in majority they are working as the manufacturers. Beside that, the business does not only move in one plane , but several businesses .

Seeing these conditions, the Department of Cooperatives and SMEs in West Java would encourage cooperatives to have ISO certificates and reliable human resources ( HR ).