West Lombok and Klungkung Cooperate To Build Ferry Ports



Regency of West Lombok and Klungkung work together to realize the construction of ferry ports. The plan, the ferry ports will be in Labuan Poh West Lombok Senggigi and Gunarse Klungkung Bali.

This was disclosed by Head of Communications and Information Technology Department of Transportation West Lombok, H. Akhmad Saikhu.

According Saikhu, ferry ports development plan is currently being reviewed by a team of experts. When the plans is realized, it is expected to increase the flow of tourists to the West Lombok through the southern path.

The potential of tourism in the southern region of West Lombok, Senggigi and the surrounding is very unique and has the potential to attract tourists, both domestic and abroad. Therefore, it needs to be supported with adequate infrastructure both ferry ports, roads and tourism industry itself.