East Kalimantan Cooperates with The Indonesian Army For Food Security



East Kalimantan Governor, Awang Ishak said Faroek, explained that East Kalimantan as a resource endowed areas of outstanding natural, has a variety of challenges including uneven distribution of the population, the gap between regions, the rate of growth of agricultural production of food crops and horticulture are relatively low.

“With this condition, East Kalimantan provincial government continues to attempt to overcome these problems to achieve resilience and self-sufficiency through a variety of programs, including co-operation with the army for the printing of new fields,” said Governor Awang Ishak Faroek.

The development in the agricultural sector should also involve the support of both the private sector, as well as the Army. He continued that the agricultural infrastructure is an important factor in the development of agriculture, includes a print area expansion or rice, land optimization, system of rice intensification (SRI), a network of irrigation, fertilizers / pesticides, agricultural machinery and financing.