The Beautiful and Exotic Scenery of Karimunjawa Islands



Tourism Island of Karimunjawa save the beauty and uniqueness that we can not necessarily get in other islands. Karimun islands as the main island in this cluster islands with the largest population compare to other islands. There is a lot of available lodging, you just choose to stay at a hotel or homestay.

You can also do things that you like such as, diving, coral reefs, mangrove tracking, a visit to the tourist village of Bugis, as well as have a look captive breeding sharks and turtles.

Beside Karimunjawa island, there are also other islands, namely Cemara Besar Island, Kemujan Island, Menjangan Besar Island, Menjangan Kecil Island, Tengah Island, dan Cilik Island. Try to explore the islands to see the beautiful underwater scenery in Karimun waters.

With so many islands in Karimun waters and the location is not too close, one day around it feels less satisfying. Another reason for the ship schedule is not available every day, so stay is the right choice. You can ask the tour guide or a local resident about a great location and the direction that you can take advantage of better time to enjoy the beauty of Karimunjawa National Park.