Visiting The Biggest Lake in Eastern Indonesia


SEntani-LakeSentani Laku

This lake stretching between the city and district of Jayapura Jayapura, Papua. The vast lake approximately 9,360 acres and is located at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level so this make the lake that is the largest on the island of Papua. Not only a vast lake, but also beatiful which came in the middle of the lake. There are 21 small islands that adorn this lake so the lake is getting looks exotic and very special. Papuans have its own event or festival for this lake, which is named the Lake Sentani Festival which is usually held in June each year.

Lake Sentani is approximately 50km from Jayapura but still easy to reach. And to entertain the tourists, this lake also has supplied with boats to take tourists to see around the lake. So that the tourists can enjoy the beauty of Lake Sentani and its small islands which are very beautiful. The silence and the calm water can calm tired life after work or tired of your routine.

For those of you who want to shop for souvenirs or mementos typical of Papua, you can visit Hamadi market, this market sells many art objects typical of Papua with motifs typical of lake Sentani. For you who want to buy a bark cloth which is also typical of Papuan souvenirs, you can visit Asei market, and you can easily find bark cloth with beautiful motifs full of art created by artists directly Papua.