Bandung Held Cibadak Culinary Night



Bandung City Government held a culinary event, Cibadak Culinary Night (CCN), in Cibadak Road, District of Astanaanyar on Saturday (22/2) night.

To support the event, Cibadak road was closed. The road was used by vendors to offer food, including oriental menu.

Head of Marketing Disparbud Bandung, Kenny Dewi Kaniasari, asserted that foods which was sold in CCN was confirmed halal. “The food portion serving oriental, but halal,” she said.

CCN started at 18.00 pm until 24.00 pm. “So there are two events today. One in Braga and one in Cibadak, “she said.

She hoped that with the new alternative, people will not only gathered at one point only which is Braga road.

To give the impression of oriental theme, CCN venue will be designated by a red round ornaments so that people feel like being in Chinatown.