Somba Opu Fort, A Symbol of Makassar People Struggle



Somba Opu Fort is the of witness the tenacity of the people of Makassar which is led by Sultan Hasanuddin in defending their sovereignty cities from Dutch colonizers. According to, William Wallace, scientist from UK said that Somba Opu Fort is strongest fortress ever built in the Indonesian archipelago. Somba Opu Fortress is also a palace owned by the Kingdom of Gowa after Panyua Military Fortress or Citadel Fort Rotterdam.

Wallace’s statement can be seen on the walls of the fortress walls Somba Opu solid when we enter the area Somba Opu. Judging from the thickness of the wall of Somba Opu, can imagine how difficult it is to penetrate and break down the fortress Somba Opu, although the material of this fort built of red brick. The robust Somba Opu illustrates the robustness of the system is a powerful defense of Tallo work in its time.

This historic fort is located in the complex area of ​​South Sulawesi Miniature Culture
. Here the tourists can enjoy the culture originating from South Sulawesi as well as traditional forms of the existing tribes in South Sulawesi such as the Bugis, Makassar, Toraja and Mandar. Each epidemic in this complex culture has always held and Development Exhibition organized by the South Sulawesi South Sulawesi government agencies.