Exploring Run Island



Eastern Indonesia region currently has opened its tourism potential and introduce to the world that Eastern Indonesia region is a fascinating place with tourism potential which also promising and deserve to be visited.

Maluku, the famous spice-producing region, and for that reason the Western sailors exploring the world, this place will be able to become a destination or tourist destinations that seem to be very famous and popular among the travel lovers. Even, Run Island in Maluku received the title as a New Amsterdam Island. Interesting to see what potential can be offered by Run island, and why it is so important, here’s a glimpse of the potential of Run island, in particular, and Maluku as a whole.

The most attention for foreign tourists to travel overseas in Southeast Asia is a region of tropical tourism potential, even though it was a new trend that emerged in recent years. But because of the current potential that is the main attraction, therefore Run island could become a destination or tropical tourist destination which interesting and quite new. Why is this region deserve a tropical tourist destination, because of course, Maluku Islands as a whole is still pretty isolated area. Even to visit one of the islands tha scattered in the region, the tourist will find it difficult.