Karawang Regency is the Highest UMK in 2014


West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan has signed Gubernatorial Decree on Minimum Wage (UMK) in the region.The second highest is held by Bekasi Regency with Rp2,447,445. Bekasi city in the third place with Rp2,441,954.

The fourth position is held by Depok with Rp2,397,000, followed by Bogor City with Rp2,352,350, Bogor Regency with Rp2,242,240, Purwakarta with Rp2.1 million, and Bandung with Rp2 million.

Meanwhile, the lowest is Majalengka Regency with Rp1 million.

The governor has revised the wage recommendation submitted by each regent and mayor especially for Bandung Raya other than Bandung City. For West Bandung, the wage has been increased for Rp70,000. For Cimahi, Bandung Regency and Sumedang, it has been increased for Rp75,000.