BandrOS, First Indonesian Mobile Platform Made ​​by LIPI


Platform made ​​by LIPI’s research team is a Linux derivative, like Android, and can be transplanted to the smartphone with the technical specifications are not too high.

The Indonesian Academy of Science (LIPI) in Bandung has proved its capability to create a mobile operating system called BandrOS. The operation system stands for Bandung Raya Operating System and is the first Linux-based mobile operating system that is one hundred percent made by local team.

BandrOS is created to prove that Indonesian researchers are capable of making operating system for smartphones since there are only few of people are capable of making it.

There are some obstacles that Ana and his team had to face in creating BandrOS such as the limited human resources who have the skills in developing operating system and financial problems. The team had then decided to aim BandrOS for limited users and purposes.

The team consisting of Ana Heryana as the chief, Sahrul Arif, Wawan Wardiana, Ferdian Yanuazarm and Arif Lukman as the members. The team had once created an operation system for personal computer (PC) called Indonesia Go Open Source Nusantara about three years ago.

Bandros, will be offered to the public in the price range of Rp 875,000. Bandros cooperation with PT INTI – state-owned companies that manufacture telecommunications equipment.

BandrOS is one of many other alternative operating systems to combat Android, iOS, and Windows Phone domination.