Maicih Spicy Chips Go International


The presence of Keripik Pedas Maicih in 2010 was a phenomenon. Its unique name, peculiar flavor and unusual marketing made Keripik Pedas Maicih sought after by many.

According to Reza Nurhilman, the foubder and President of the Republic Maicih, the snacks business originated from his love of eating spicy chips. His initial capital was only Rp 50.000, which was used to buy spicy chips and sell them to acquaintances. Then his business sense led Reza to innovate by making the flavor and appearance of the spicy chips different and more interesting. Now, after changing the ingredients five times, Reza produces his own spicy chips.

Reza said that although Maicih is known as “village food”, its spiciness can be addictive. Reza added that he only needs to educate the market in order to know that his spicy chips have a distinctive flavor.

Maicih’s rapid growth made Reza the head of PT Maicih Inti Sinergi with more than 50 employees. The product variants are also increasing, in addition to spicy crisps there are also Basreng Maicih, Seblak Keju Maicih, Gurilem Maicih, etc. Quantitatively, Maicih’s sales reached 250 thousand pieces per month with profit of Rp3-5 billion per month.

Maicih is known for its spiciness and and unique marketing concept. Since the beginning, Reza did direct selling and never sold Maicih products through outlets but his friends. The marketing was done by word of mouth to a growing number of buyers, leading to  a community of Maicih lovers.

The growth of “Icihers”, named for Maicih fans, forced Reza to recruit friends to be distributors called Generals of the Republic Maicih. They are called Generals because they move militantly in the fields.

“We do not allow Maicih to be sold at outlets. This makes Maicih different from other spicy chips.”

Nationally, Maicih has reached almost all parts of Indonesia. As for the international market, in the near future Maicih will expand to Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, Canada and the United States. To share his success story, Reza recently launched a book entitled “Revolusi Pedas Sang Presiden Maicih”. In the book, Reza listed a number of points concerning success, which are attitude, belief and totality.

Though the business is a success, Reza still has a big dream for Maicih. He hopes someday that Maicih can become a holding company that not only sells Maicih snacks but also operate Maicih Café, Maicih Hotel and so on.

This time the dream is built along Maicih property, marked by the construction of three housing complexes in Bandung, Cimahi and Sumedang.