Soft Launching of State Budget and Treasury System


Ministry of Finance through Directorate General of Treasury held soft launching of State Budget and Treasury System (SPAN) on Monday (8/19).

This event was attended by Secretary General, Expert Staff of Organization, Bureaucracy, and Information Technology, Expert Staff of Macro Economy and International Finance, Special Staff of Information Technology representing Director General of Treasury, representatives of World Bank, Bank Indonesia, and national banking.

SPAN is expected to enhance synergy between fiscal and monetary policies by improving the connectivity of State Budget (APBN) management with banking.

After developing the system for more than four years, SPAN is now entering the early stage of implementation, namely the early stage of induction with piloting process.

This piloting process of SPAN will involve Local Treasury Office (KPPN) of Jakarta II, KPPN Jakarta VI, first Echelon units in Ministry of Finance that manage Data Base Administrator (DBA), as well as Head Office of Directorate General of Treasury and Directorate General of Budget.