Tourism Players Clean up Bunaken


Tourism entrepreneurs in Manado, North Sulawesi, support the local government strategy to handle the garbage littering in the Bunaken National Marine Park, Manado Mayor Vicky Lumentut said.

“During a meeting with us, the tourism entrepreneurs expressed their support to handle the garbage that has been threatening the underwater beauty of Bunaken marine park,” Lumentut said here on Tuesday.

According to the owners of Manado tourist resorts, the garbage littering the water of Bunaken came not only from Manado city but also from outside. “They even said that the garbage come from Bangka Island in North Minahasa,” according to Lumentut.

The Manado mayor noted that the tourism entrepreneurs in the city wanted to support the local government in handling the garbage because it directly and indirectly disturbed their business.

Meanwhile, Siladen Resort and Spa General Manager Daniele Marianelli said she was ready to help the local government handle the garbage that was frequently complained by tourists who came to enjoy the underwater beauty of Bunaken.

“We hope Manado city government can also coordinate with other district and city governments to clean up Bunaken water from garbage,” she said.