PT Bekasi Power Inaugurates PLTGU 130 MW


PT Bekasi Power inaugurated the operation of PLTGU with a capacity of 130 Megawatts in Cikarang, Jawa Barat. PT Bekasi Power is a subsidiary of PT Jababeka Tbk.

All electricity produced by PLTGU will be purchased by PT PLN at a price of Rp 1,050 per kilo watt hours (kWh) up to 20 years and then channeled back to the Jababeka Industrial Estate and surrounding communities. Gas supply to the PLTGU obtainable from Pertamina EP and PGN respectively reached 23 million standard cubic feet per day.

“The aim of the construction of PLTGU is to meet the energy needs of existing industry in Jababeka and around,” said President Director of PT Jababeka Setyono Djuandi Darmono.

“Jababeka can not merely rely on the sale of land. We need other sources of income, one of which is from electricity to PLN,” said Darmono.

Darmono said electricity sales turnover of PT Bekasi Power to PLN is Rp 1 trillion. Therefore it makes business sense to continue to develop PLTGU projects in some other areas. The company is currently developing Tanjung Lesung and Cilegon industrial area. “We are cooperating with regents and governors in Indonesia,” he said during the inauguration PLTGU.

The government welcomes the cooperation between the private sector and the government. Director General of Electricity of ESDM Ministry Jarman said the government and PLN are only able to handle electrical infrastructure development funding at 60 percent and that the rest should be done by the private sector.

The government always supports power generation projects undertaken by the private sector.

“We provide entry incentives up to 10% for import of the plant’s components still unavailable in Indonesia,” said Jarman.

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