Revegetating the Forest Area of Wai Ela “Reservoir”


Forest Service of Maluku will revegetating the forests area around the Wai Ela “reservoir”, Negeri Lima village, Ambon Island, Central Maluku District. About four hectares of forest around the “reservoir” has damaged due to the materials collapse of Mount Ulakhatu at Negeri Lima to cover the flow of the river on July 13, 2012 and formed a “reservoir”.

Reforestation will be done by planting 200 saplings of fruits and plants that grow relatively fast. This planting also depends on the completion of spillways construction by the Ministry of Public Works in collaboration with JICA. Ministry of Public Works in cooperation with JICA to program the Wai Ela “reservoir” become natural dams.

The realization of this construction is currently about 70 percent because of the rain season in Maluku is expected from May to August 2013. Transporting material to the mountain away from Negeri Lima village about 2.5 KM become more difficult and water pumps which operated for 22 hours per day only able to spend 238 thousand cubic meters of water.