Middle Eastern Dishes at Oh La La Mansion Bellagio Boutique Mall


Welcoming the month of Ramadhan, Oh La La Mansion Bellagio Boutique Mall provides four special dishes to pamper their guests.

This year Oh La La Mansion Bellagio Boutique Mall present Middle East cuisine, such as Beef Koftas, the minced beef served with yogurt sauce and Kapsah rice.

Baked Morrocan Lambshank ie goat meat stewed along with the Tomato foundue that produce a sour taste and fresh, goat meat is also sprinkled with corriander yoghurt and sunk with Couscous, which is a typical Moroccan rice. Couscous with the fresh flavor enhanced with colorful pieces of bell pepper.

Seabass also be interesting dishes for iftar, the kakap fish combined with potatoes, vegetables and nuts typical Middle East (Garbanzo). The latter, namely Chicken Brochette grilled lemon chicken served with skewers and Kapsah rice.

Ramadan Promo is valid during the month of Ramadan at a price IDR85,000-IDR165,000, has included Ta’jil and iced tea, and applicable during opening hours Oh La La Mansion Bellagio Boutique Mall. Ta’jil will be varied each week.


source: sendokgarpu.com