Zangrandi, The Legend Of Ice Cream in Surabaya


Zangrandi Ice Cream that was in Surabaya has been serving since years 1930. While enjoying ice cream, can reminisce and feel the atmosphere of the past in Zangrandi.

Zangrandi ice cream texture is a little rough, because it does not contain lots of cream milk. and that is the hallmark and Zangrandi appeal that can not be found in other ice cream. Zangrandi Pie, Macedonia and Noodle Ice Cream are three of the Favorites in Zangrandi menu should try.

Zangrandi Pie served in a large Cup, which the pie serves as a bowl with ice cream on top of it, there are cherries and chocolate as a trimmer. Noodle Ice Cream is an ice cream shaped like a noodle dough served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and toppings Astor was given.

In Zangrandi, not just ice cream, there are also snacks like risoles, croquet, pastel lids, fried spring rolls, dumplings, French fries, and otthers. For the drinks such as fruit juices, milkshakes, and others. Even they also provide ice cream tart with flavors Cassata, Rainbow, Mocca or Black Forest.