Kembang Goela Restaurant : An Authentic Indonesian Dining Experience


Kembang Goela is fine dining restaurant serving indonesian cuisine, they offer great local food with classy touch. Located strategically but also somehow hidden from sights at a separated building resembling a house inside Plaza Sentral premises on Jalan Jendral Sudirman.

Beautifully designed, Kembang Goela represents Indonesian antiquities with minimalist modern interior style. Modern minimalist with a touch here and there of Indonesian colonial heritage antiquities, gloriously fused, creating a grandeur display. The contemporary Indonesian classic music brings back the memory and making it an extravagant nostalgic moment.

Separated into several sections, the common room is the main dining room. On the side of it we can see private rooms for families. The rest are the lounge room where customer awaits to be seated or for just plain coffee time and finally the Rijstaffel Room where they usually held conference, seminar, wedding or private banquet.

Kembang Goela presents Indonesian dishes fused up with late colonial heritage from the Dutch and a bit of Peranakan touch. The menu was quite impressive and well-presented. No pork dishes and no lard at all. All meats and poultry are local except for ribs and oxtails are imported from New Zealand.

The recommended dishes are Sosis Om Yance (One meter chicken sausage), Iga Bakar (grilled ribs), Buntut Bakar (grilled oxtails), Asinan Sayur, Dendeng Balado, Rijst Koening Kembang Goela (Indonesian yellow rice with many accompaniments), Tumis Asparagus, Tahu Telor Bledek.

For the service, everything was done swiftly, helpfully, and you will be attended from time to time for your needs.

So, what are waiting for eat the fine dining restaurant serving Indonesian cuisine!