Betawi Fiesta 2013


As the city celebrates its 486th anniversary, SATOO joins in on the merriment by presenting Jakarta’s most renowned traditional dishes. This offer is available from 10 Jun 2013 through 30 Jun 2013 at Shangri-La Hotel.

SATOO chefs prepare a variety of dishes ranging from appetizers to desserts.

For appetizers, such as Rujak Bebeg (mashed traditional fruits), Rujak Juhi (salad with salty squid and peanut), and others.

In main menu are Soto Tangkar, Pete Fried Rice, Uduk Rice of Kebon Kacang, Soto Betawi, and others.

And Asinan Jakarta to Doger Ice, Dodol Betawi and enjoy traditional Betawi beverages such as Bir Pletok, Es Campur Jakarta and many more.

Feast on all-time favourite meals Betawi-style with with prices starting at Rp 250,000 + +.