Government To Propose APBN-P 2013 Soon


Acting Minister of Finance Hatta Rajasa conveyed that the government is going to propose Revised State Budget (APBN-P) 2013 to the House of Representatives (DPR) soon. This aims to discuss the compensation for the poor, the one who is impacted by the subsidized oil fuel price hike.

This discussion will discuss not only macro assumption changes but also the compensation, in case the government increases the subsidized oil fuel price. “We don’t increase oil fuel price without protecting the poor. We should give protection to the poor, the one who are affected,” said Acting Minister of Finance.

The government will also enhance social spending, which have been provided in the form of Family Hope Program (PKH), scholarship and rice for the poor, and additional allocation of Temporary Direct Cash Assistance (BLSM). He further stated, this additional compensation budget will not disrupt budget deficit until exceeding the limit allowed by the law, namely three percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). “Maintaining budget deficit to be below three percent is important because business as usual will soar,” he explained. He also ensured that the government will not apply twin prices for subsidized oil fuel since its implementation will cause disruption and have big risk. “Logically, it is impossible to implement due to huge risks,” stated Acting Minister