Acting Minister of Finance Has Authority to Issue Regulation and Policy


Acting (Plt.) Minister of Finance Hatta Rajasa in Jakarta stated, Plt. Minister of Finance has the authority to decide policy regarding State fiscal management, which currently becomes his authority.

He affirmed that he has the authority to make decision before the definitive official replaces him, as stated in the Presidential Decree Number 44/M of 2013. In other words, Plt. Minister of Finance may issue regulation of Minister of Finance in case there is an urgent policy. “I would like to affirm, President has assigned me as Plt. with Minister of Finance’s authority, yet this is only until the President appoints the definitive Minister of Finance. This is as stated in the Presidential Decree. Though it is only Plt., the Decree mandates the authority to make decision as the Minister of Finance. This is important to prevent any questions as if there was no certainty,” affirmed Hatta.

He added that budget management is not new a matter for him. Therefore, he believes that he can continue and carry out the duties. “In the future, we will carry out and continue the existing duties and some points should become our concern to be accelerated,” he stated.