Bali to Develop Puri Tourism For Cultural Preservation


The Bali Hotels Association planed to develop puri (palace) tour packages as a kingdom heritage in the island of gods for cultural preservation.


 “By this tour package, tourists can learn about traditional dances, cook, making offering and others, while they can stay at residents` homes,” Executive Director of Bali Hotels Association (BHA) Djinaldo Gosana said here on Thursday.


 He said the puri tour package is a combination form between rural tourism development and palaces family activities, so tourists could enjoy cultural activities that are supported by surrounding residents.


 “We have been exploring some puris in Bali for this cooperation such as the family of Jero Kuta Palace in Denpasar, Kanginan Palace in Karangasem, Gianyar Palace, Kerambitan and Penebel Palace in Tabanan, Bongkasa Palace in Badung and Singaraja Palace,” he said.


 Gosana added the tourist attraction will be displayed and facilitated by the family castle, while BHA will help to repair palace which will be used as a place to stay. “The purpose of this tour is not to generate feudalism, but we want to revive good cooperation between the community and family castles which has existed since ancient times,” he said.


 He targeted that the castle tour packages can already be realized by the middle of 2013 at high season. “Tourists from Europe and America usually love cultural tours, and the guides are also from castles surrounding communities,” he said adding that the rate per night is about Rp1 million.


 “Our target is to present one castle in every district and hopefully it can serve a new tourism trend,” said Djinaldi.