Minister of Finance: APBN 2014 Preparation Has Been Running


Minister of Finance Agus D.W. Martowardojo in the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta conveyed that Ministry of Finance is currently preparing the State Budget (APBN) 2014 planning. This preparation will be coordinated with all ranks of government to make the government’s programs more effective and efficient.

Minister further stated that the government currently has IDR547 trillion, which comes from the resource envelope in the Ministry/Institution (K/L) to be the government’s initial capital budget next year. In terms of other revenue and expenditure budget, he stated that it is still in the process of calculation. “As this is the beginning of the year, we surely have to believe that the APBN-P (Revised State Budget) implementation should be supported by Law and the applied regulations. So, this is still being reviewed by the government. One certain thing to be stated is that the government’s preparation for APBN 2014 has been running,” explained Minister.

Minister explained that the allocation of some budget posts needs to be ensured, such as the budget for general election next year. In addition, there is also budget for civil servant salary increase, which is performed periodically. “The amount of special budget for general election needs to be maintained. The other budgets are for Civil Servant salary increase and BPJS (Social Security Organizing Body) because we have to ensure that it is available. It is because at the time when it will be received by the related K/L, it will not be added with the resource envelope,” he added.

In addition, Ministry of Finance continually discusses further the APBN 2014, which is supported by coordination and related ministries. Therefore, at the time it is submitted to the House of Representatives (DPR) in the upcoming August, the budget is believed to be effective and efficient, particularly for improving public welfare. “Sum amount of budget to be added to the ministry and institution, but not added to the resource and envelope, aims to make sure the fund is available. By the time the Financial Report submitted to DPR, special budget that has been prepared will be surely included to Ministry of Finance,” he concluded.