The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Decides Industrialization of Fisheries


Fishermen Life Improvement Program will be the main tools for the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in reducing poverty. Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister, Sharif Cicip Sutardjo, as the Chairman of the Working Group (WG) with 12 ministries show its seriousness to succeed the program. The seriousness is shown by the introduction of an integrated fisheries industrialization based in Awang Bay Fishing Port in Central Lombok.

“We are working to increase the availability of infrastructure to support the fishing harbor, and encourage investment from the private sector, including upstream, downstream production processes and activities to support the acceleration of industrialization in the fisheries sector,” said Cicip.

Since 2011, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries through the Directorate General of Captured Fisheries (Ditjen Perikanan Tangkap) has allocated budget for continued development Awang Bay Fishing Port of Rp 3.6 billion. As for 2012, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries have distributed a budget of Rp 29.49 billion. They use the budget to built facilities include ports (reclaimed) area of ​​6 ha, trestel concrete along 301 m2, the port administrative offices, conference hall, drying floor, the area of ​​the harbor, the fish auction. Revitalization is certain to increase the production and productivity of fishing effort, improving the marketing of catching and processing fish, increase the income of fishermen and to provide guidance to fishermen.

Because the fishing port is crucial in the development of all fisheries. To that end, the availability of fishing harbors and landing as a means of handling the catch of fishermen is needed. It will also cultivate to fishing in a location that gets revitalized and in Central Lombok. The construction and development of fishing harbors as Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries’ concrete steps to create centers of economic growth that relies on marine and fishery commodities. Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries continues to intensify in the construction and development of 816 fishing ports throughout Indonesia.