U.S. Embassy Supports Social Media Fest 2012


The U.S. Embassy is supporting Social media Fest 2012.  Last year, Social Media Fest 2011 brought together more than 44,000 participants, which included online communities, content creators, high-tech startups, and telecommunications and technology companies.  This year, Social Media Fest 2012 is targeting a goal of 100,000 attendees.

Since 2008, the U.S. Embassy has been a supporter of events like Pesta Blogger, On/Off, and now Social Media Fest 2012 to encourage the continued development of Internet connectivity in Indonesia, exercise of online expression, growth of value-added jobs and high-tech startups, and use of online tools for offline change.   The U.S. Embassy is advancing our bilateral relationship with Indonesia through dialogue with young Indonesians.   U.S. Embassy Jakarta is a leader in online outreach within the U.S. Government, specifically through the use of Facebook and Twitter.

A growing cadre of Indonesians is leading the way to show how online tools like Twitter and Facebook can create offline change, while others have developed their own successful platforms.  The Embassy’s support for events like Social Media Fest 2012 seeks to cultivate an online ecosystem that is conducive to experimentation, innovation, and creativity.