The Leader Behind the Scene


Few people may realize that the man behind the scene in the pres­ervation of Borobudur and Pram­banan temples is also a key figure in the Jababeka Group. Purnomo Siswoprasetjo, di­rector of PT TWC Borobudur, Prambanan & Ratu Boko  the company is involved in the UNES­CO associated cultural heritage project  has since 1990 joined forces with Setyono Djuandi Dar­mono, the CEO of Jababeka, to run what is now one of Indonesia’s leading property developers.

They started off with only a four-member staff; looking back, they now say the much progress they have made entitles them to call their property business a suc­cess. Purnomo is believed to be the executive who prepared Oktagon to become the marketing division of the famous Tanjung Lesung re­sort project.

He got his bachelor and post-graduate degrees on industrial management from Trisakti Univer­sity and was involved in the South Banten Development Foundation which peacefully relocated around 5,000 houses to make way for indus­trial development.

According to Agus Canny, VP for Corporate Marketing of Ja­babeka Group, Purnomo is a wise and hum­ble-hearted per­son with a calm per­sonality who always advocates harmony. He sometimes fasts and practices meditation “the way ancient kings use to do.”He is also a good listener who prefers to listen thoroughly before expressing ideas, Agus says. And more importantly, Purno­mo always pays atten­tion to the aspirations of his employees.