Festival of Kalimutu to Introduce Sail Komodo


Provincial Government of East Nusa Tenggara, will hold a Festival of Flores in 2012, but also to make it the momentum to introduce Sail Komodo 2013.

Activities in Festival Flores is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the Flores and Lembata Cultural Festival (Florata) in Ende, Flores the center in August 2012, said Head of Tourism Department of Culture and Tourism of NTT, HA Harris, in Kupang, Sunday (11/12) , related to the preparation of the Festival Flores.

“Until now, we are coordinating with the central government in order to finance the activities to be conducted Flores Festival in August of 2012, due to this activity as well as to introduce the Komodo Sail 2013,” he said.

He said the festival will be followed by participants from nine districts namely Lembata, East Flores, Sikka, Ende as the host, Nagekeo, Ngada, East Manggarai, Manggarai and West Manggarai.

The activity was organized in the form of culture and tourism festival includes dance performances and arts areas as well as sales of flagship product range of national and local trade and services of each region.

Momentum will also be used to promote investment products in Indonesia in general and East Nusa Tenggara in particular and the promotion of a variety of tour packages from each of the tourism destination of Indonesia, said Haris.

Harris added that the current NTT is a magnet that can attract tourists to visit Indonesia and specifically to the tourist destination of East Nusa Tenggara after the establishment of Komodo as one of the seven wonders of the world.

In this regard it is also the local governments working to increase tourism activities to attract tourists as much as possible to NTT.

“Let’s degree in activities such as in Ende Ende there is Lake Three Colors Flores. We also want to invite as many tourists come to Flores,” he said.

Previously, the Department of Culture and Tourism NTT has held a cultural festival in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai or the area that became the center of the endangered animal life of Komodo.

source : investor.co.id